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Increased Benefits From Having a Walk Routine

I browsed through the Internet and found a few that talk about it. So far, exercising at the same time each day is a good way to keep a routine going. For those of us who prefer routine, this is the way to go. But routine to me reminds me of everything that is boring and going nowhere. So, I’m going to exercise whatever time I have free.  Some say that it’s better to exercise when you’re rested. Emotions drain your energy, so when do you exercise? When you’re feeling depressed or angry or too excited, exercise is the thing to do to release this energy. So I’m thinking this is when I need to push myself to exercise no matter what. Can do!

Not always. Not during the winter. Not when there are demands coming at me all around and I have no time for myself. Luckily for me the person that demands the most from me doesn’t have power over me. She relies on me for the smallest things. Sure, she plays the guilt trip on me. Anyway, don’t want to talk about this too much but maybe I should. After all, I eat whenever something bothers me. Imagine having to be the adult when you were a child and the parent doesn’t have the strength to be the parent she needs to be. Well, now I’m going to do things just for me and so far my family members have a problem with that. Wish I had the strength to leave my family a long time ago. Wish I hadn’t listened to others. Wish I had the courage to leave. Wish I didn’t have self-doubts.

So I’m building myself up right now. Imagine writing goals for the year and the months and one ongoing goal is to find new interests. For this month, my first one is: Blogging. Never created a Blog before and I hope I understand how it works and that I’m doing it correctly now.

One goal that I know I should continue with for the rest of my life – and until I am no longer able to move: brisk walking. My other goal ought to be not to rely on food for comfort. I’m nearing the age of postmenopause and the amount of estrogen will be decreased and so will the protection to my heart muscle. I have at least a few years to do something about it.

I have had the bad habit of eating junk food since I was about five years old. Yeah…a hard habit to break from forever.

The challenge I face now is having control of my mind. There were a few times that I said to myself that I didn’t want the pain and the pain was gone…for a while anyways. That’s a little empowering. Pain will always come back for whatever reason and exercise helps renew cells where there are injuries.

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