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Later the Same Day

When I came home, I felt lower abdominal stress, so what did I do? No, LOL! I didn’t grab sweets. The first thing that I usually do these days when I feel a physical stress is eat fruit and veggies. I have upped my serving total. As of noon today I have had four servings of sweet potato, two bananas, and one grapefruit. For breakfast I just had a 100g size (1 serving) of fruit yogurt. I so wanted to decrease how much I was eating lately but it’s not going work for me when I feel stress. Now my lower abs don’t feel stress.

I wonder if by eating only yogurt for breakfast and then having coffee afterwards contributed to the stress – same concept like drinking on an empty stomach. Years ago one serving of any healthy food for any meal was enough but I suppose I’m now used to eating 3-5 times my usual amount. I don’t feel guilty for overeating when it’s healthy food I’m eating.

What did I learn today? I cooked, for the first time, sweet potatoes and it took me 10 minutes to cook them soft enough to eat. Usually I bake them in corn oil but today not only did I cook it on the stove, I baked the sweet potatoes using olive oil this time.

Remember when I said that I wasn’t “regular” yesterday? Well, it’s happening to me now. I don’t mean to disgust anyone by these details and I’m doing this mostly for my benefit. Since the start of this blog, I write most of my daily thoughts in here. Which means now that there are days that I’m actually journalling two times a day – more than I usually do. I usually journal during the night before I sleep or when I have a coffee break. Sure…there are people who are offended when I don’t let them in on what I write but …hey they’re not paying to read my most intimate thoughts. Don’t worry! I won’t get intimate but I will be gross or disgusting, but not intimate.

I had to hurry…didn’t want an accident.

Anyway, before I sign off for now, I just want to talk a bit about Dancing With The Stars. I think Maks is great this time around – i.e. he seems a little more patient with his partner. I bet none of the professional dancers are patient with the non-prof dancers.

William Levy is hot and he’s especially hot when he’s dancing Latin style. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love Latin music and dance and I am attracted to men who speak Latin. When I was a teen, I had a thing for Ginos, but that era and my infatuation of them is over. Now I do find myself attracted to men who speak Spanish – not all men of course, but it’s happening! And I so love Latin dancing and music. My fave dance routine is Rumba. I took lessons at Pollock Dance Studio in 1997 for about a year and found out then that Rumba was my fave dance routine. The one thing I got out of this was that I was able to follow the man in dancing. It was a struggle, I cried a bit out of frustration but I got it! Yahoo!

I would love to see Katherine get the number 1 spot. I think William will get the #2 spot because he’s got a whole live audience loving him. I think he’s alright. Hae’s a bit Brad Pitt and Ricky Martinez in looks.

Roshon can dance. I would love to see Melissa Gilbert make at least the top three. I would have also like to see Sherri Shepard make the top. I like her energy. Since the start of the show and up until last week she was so enthusiastic and danced even when no one was dancing. But she was dancing because she was happy and why not! I’m glad her son is doing well now.

Would it be so bad if I skipped one day of walking? Not because of the weather, which by the way I can easily catch cold even all dressed up, but because I need to relax my muscles.

Talk to you soon.

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