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Do I Feel Guilty for Not Walking Yesterday?

Maybe a little now, but yesterday no. Not because I was busy doing other things; however, watching Dancing With The Stars I didn’t even think, didn’t even feel guilty about not walking that day. Seeing Hottie again didn’t do it, but Gavin in his Rocker outfit–he’s rockin’ in it. Maybe that helped a little–just a little.

Lunch…well you know what happened there. I cooked and baked sweet potatoes. Mom had the cooked potatoes–don’t want to overload her 82 year old heart–and I had the baked. First time baking these potatoes using another pot. Before, I had used glass paan but this time I used what looks like a casserole dish – black  with white spots. I am so the beginner cook that I need a book  or other media for the details on what each cooking and baking dish, pot, pan is used for (not what I may think it can be used for, sometimes). Still, lunch was pretty great because the food turned out wonderful and looks like I didn’t overcook either. The flavour is there. I baked for 20 minutes after preheating. I didn’t place the potatoes in the oven during preheating time). I cooked the potatoes for 10 minutes, placing them in the pot after the water boiled. So, I’m thinking my baking and cooking was a success! This is something I’m happy about. I didn’t consult anyone and didn’t even search for answers through the Internet. Just used my head, trial and error. With the glass pan, the sweet potatoes were fine but baking yellow potatoes in them I have had an ebony/ivory situation. I could just pretend and lie to myself that I didn’t peel one side of the potatoes, but I’m not like that. What is is even if I’m too depressed about it. A couple of things get me this way. I said I wasn’t going to get personal so I won’t. This is as far as I go.

You know, it has been a week since I began brisk walking. Three weeks from now I think the blah feeling should be a  yahoo feeling. That’s what I hear. One month of walking and the blah will go away. So will my lack of motivation? Wait and see. April 29, 2012 (28 days) is the last day into the fourth week. I have marked this day on MS Outlook to see if blah and lack of motivation have changed at all. Either way, I don’t believe in taking prescription meds!

Here are my fave moments from Dancing With the Stars Season 14:

The dance routine with William Levy was just a minute! Too short and loved, loved, loved the dance and the music.

This week was Rock ‘n Roll week. Don’t recall any 10s handed out by the judges, 9s for Kym and her partner and their scores were the highest this week. Mix of Rock ‘n Roll and Ballroom dance – tough one probably because some like to dance rock but don’t dance ballroom or vice versa. Some couples chose songs that didn’t feel like rock ‘n roll, more like Pop. Anyways, Katherine and Mark…especially did alright and Mark did that thing where as he goes forward his legs bend. He’s the first pro dancer that did that dance step in Paso Doble. The first time I’ve seen it was in Season 12 Chris Jericho. I liked seeing that in Paso Doble and hoped that DWTS heard my request. Maybe they did. I see that Katherine is a superb dancer now. I have so far only voted for Maks. I usually vote for the underdog. I’m true to myself in this way. I vote for the underdog and I also vote for those that really really dance the best and I don’t necessarily even know they’ll make #1 but the way Katherine has been dancing since week 3, I’m thinking she’ll make the #1 spot. Too bad Derek Hough! You want another trophy, you’ll have to challenge Mark Ballas to it.  Like two knights charging towards each other, swords drawn out and the quickest one to kill the other wins. Not saying this should literally happens (i.e. swords) but  kill each other with the best dancing. That’s a lot of pressure for your dance partners. Are they up for it? Do you really want it? Sweat for it! LOL.

Talk to you later.

Came back to this post  to add another DWTS video. It’s the one with Katherine and Mark on Rock Week. At 1:14 Mark does that Paso Doble move with the knees. I like it. It’s not the same as Chris Jericho which I still like the most, but still he’s the first pro that I have seen do that move and for several seconds.

Scroll down until you come to a second video…that’s the one with Katherine and  Mark. The link:

Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 4 Recap: Everybody Hurts On Rock Week

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