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It’s Saturday – When Will I Fit in The Exercise Routine?

I’m Blogging now and I’m going to have to stop brisk walking by 4 p.m. because I have some place to be by 7 p.m. Mornings or evenings are best times to exercise outdoors. The air is fresh. So, I’m thinking that I will do it now; so, if I feel exhausted (my muscles feel exhausted no doubt there), I can relax for a while and then continue doing what I usually do on Saturdays: house cleaning.

The thing is this: for years I have done all the possible house cleaning chores on Saturday. It would take me from four to six hours until I finished everything:

  • dry mopping (using Swiffer)
  • wet mopping (mop with hot water, vinegar and baking soda). ¬†Sometimes I would just add GreenWorks to the hot water. Now I bought Swiffer wet mop refill. This cuts down at least 30 minutes from adding the water, to mopping and then to washing the mop when I’m done cleaning the floors.
  • dusting the furniture
  • storing things in a place that I have always stored something I don’t use often
  • washing my clothes and line drying them. Now, I go to the laundromat and dry the clothes.
  • cleaning the mirrors
  • cleaning the sink and bathtub
  • “sanitize” the kitchen and living room table (sanitize using cloth and vinegar)

But now I have come up with a plan where I do a little bit of house cleaning each day. That would be up to, and no more than, two tasks per day. That leaves me with 1.5 days of the weekend for relaxation whereas before it was just the one day.

I guess it took me a while to think of another plan because I just didn’t like being overloaded on Saturdays with house chores. Having time to relax and enjoy the day every day is so better. I’m happier now that I thought of this.

I’m back now just to say that I walked this morning. It was good. Didn’t feel exhausted as I usually did. I’ve been taking the same route and there are up and down hills (not too steep but it would feel steep for me since I am out of shape).

Did most of the house chores I set out to do today. I’m going to rest and watch my fave program now.

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  1. Great plan freeing time up during the week reward your body on the weekend!

    • No problem, I knew what you meant . I especially like to up the workout routine during the weekend when there is much more time. Of course, if I spent half of Saturday doing house chores, then it just doesn’t feel like a weekend. House chores done a little each day works for me.

  2. It’s early and my sentenece strucure is horrid…”to reward your body on the weekend.”


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