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It’s Dark, Cold, and Cloudy…will I brisk walk today?

Well I’m not sure. I walked this morning for 20 minutes – faster than the day before. It wasn’t so bad. I can feel my heart working a bit – you know that “clearing” feeling you get when you jog and you’ve never jogged before. It was like that this morning, but I was walking.

I have two hours before I have to go out tonight – the usual thing I must do on Saturdays. I didn’t do the stretches on the bed except for stretching the arms.

Have you ever shifting your hips left and right (dancing to a tune) while holding the bed for support? That’s what I did yesterday morning. I can feel something with my hips. I knew then that my hips needed stretching. Geez, I think my entire body needs stretching when I wake up. Of course, to credit the site that I have gotten this information from: Muscles of Thigh and the Hip Diagram

hip muscles

It looks like I was actually stretching the Tensor fascia lata muscle which is connected to the Illiotibial band. A previous post suggested stretching the IB. I guess I sort of did it here.

Oops! It was a bit premature. The iliotibial band is extended further than I thought (Hip Anatomy):


So then I was really stretching the iliotibial. Great!

It looks like my lower abdomen is tighter – not from exercise but since I stopped eating eggs this week, my lower tummy (as I would call it) is shrinking just a little.

I would post a pic of myself. Okay, maybe what I’ll do is take a pic of my body from below the chest to the lower abs (this will not be a porn site!). I would be doing it more for me since I write in here a lot and keep track of where I’m going since I have started this Blog.

Will post more as soon as possible. Even if it’s just one sentence, I’ll post again today. But it does look like I’m not (yet) running out of things to say about my health, exercise routine, stretching the muscles, and other health related issues that affect how successful the exercise routine is.

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