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Another Day For Brisk Walking, Stretching – the Challenge: Weather or…?

Yesterday was by far the best time to do brisk walking. The weather was best for it. This morning there will be a mix of rain and snow and the commute home there will be wet snow on the ground. Nothing has started yet. It’s 7:15 am here and I’m thinking that since it only takes me 45 minutes to walk and even if the snow is falling, it’s not falling at 1 cm per hour (for sure not 1 cm per minute like it probably could happen the further north you go – I’m just guessing here of course).

So, then, yes, I will be forcing myself to walk sooner than I want to today but hopefully when it does snow, it snows in the evening. But weather forecasting is tricky so I’ll stick to my guns and keep a look out for the best time to do it. As in a previous post, I can catch cold when it rains even when I’m dressed for the weather. I guess as we get older, it doesn’t take much for me to become ill.

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight at Dancing With The Stars. The thing about watching them dance is it gets me in the mood to dance and that’s more exercise for me.

Can anybody confirm whether or not it’s safe to increase stretching routine and exercise routine even when my muscles are tight? I’m doing a little bit every day and there is no further injury.

Remember the Saturday post where I said I did a 10 minute jog and a 45 minute walk later? Well, I didn’t stretch my muscles before the jog and didn’t feel any pain during the workouts, but I also didn’t feel more pain than the usual (pain or tightness of the muscles).

Looks like some of you have exercise routines going. Would you like to share your experiences? Especially I’d like to know if you haven’t exercised and/or stretched your muscles for a while and once you started up again, were your muscles very “tight”?

Just to let you know, I didn’t overeat yesterday. It helps me some to stay away from home. The refrigerator is always near and when I’m thinking about things I open it up and inhale (not literally of course <grinning>) the food.

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