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The Truth Now…

I didn’t walk yesterday – my scheduled walk and I had a piece of cake. Hard to start eating right – well, I do eat nutritious food but I also eat sweets more than I should, I suppose.  Some weeks I’d have two slices of cake and then in the same week I’d have the two slices, I’d go to Tim Horton’s two days a week and ordered four Tim Bits (Sour Cream Glazed) for each of the two days. How does a person not overeat when something is bothering him/her? Don’t know. Not this time. In 1997 (the gravatar) I was at my best. How did I manage to control my cravings for sweets? Well, the first months was so hard. It was painful. I even substituted it for the lesser sweets – sweets that were still under the sweets category but had something from the fruit food group: Yogen Fruz.

I guess I’m saying that life is a little more complicated now. Can’t escape a situation so I eat to feel a little relief.

So, now that I have skipped a day of exercise, I will make up for it by doubling the brisk walking today. From home to the nearest cinema it takes 1.5 hours. So, I’ll walk there and back for a total of three hours. Okay that’s more than double. And what am I going to eat when I’m there? Nothing with sugar, i.e. french fries.

About the stretches…I am now doing both of these after waking up:

Stretch routine for the glute

Stretching the soleus

At 9:59 am: I’ll see how it goes. I am for sure going to walk the 1.5 hours but with one break in between for my back. Overzealousness is hurting me, I think.

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  1. I know how those cravings go. I quit smoking about two months ago and changed my diet a month ago. The cravings are tough but with social help, I was able to overcome them. We would love to be your social help! We can be your accountability partners if you’d like. We’re just in the business of seeing healthy lifestyles succeed!


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