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It’s a Problem and I’ll Find a Solution Soon

I’m back to tell you that I did a total of 2 hours of brisk walking. When I walk at least 1.5 hours I noticed my face is red (probably from the blood pressure) and I think it’s a good sign because my heart is pumping harder and maybe the cholesterol is clearing away from the arterial walls.

However, I had two regular sized chocolate bars. Still can’t find what’s making me want to overeat. I usually go to the coffee shop to think but at that place I have coffee or tea and sometimes a slice of cake (if something is bugging me).

Tomorrow I have more time to think, but now I’m thinking the following things are placing lots of stress on me:

  • carrying the laptop (15 minutes almost every day)
  • pleasing my mother
  • brisk walking (?) – this is a big maybe. Not sure about this one. Exercise has more benefits
  • tight muscles (from emotional stress or just inactive muscles or something like this).

I’ll go with all except for the walking. If I stop carrying the laptop around, don’t please my mother anymore, and up the stretching routine…well I’ll see. So, starting tomorrow (and since I did a lot of brisk walking today) I will increase the stretches. I think I’ve said this in a previous post – I vaguely remember saying something about increasing the stretching routine. Here is the deal, I will do the stretches and post here the photos of all the stretches I do.

Sometimes it’s hard to get up off the ground but I really hate being on the ground for too long. So better find out what’s up and that way I hope to have more control. Maybe it’s about something else but I’m just not aware of it. I try to practice self-awareness 24/7 but sometimes I don’t – not because I mean to. Just happens.

Have a nice night!

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  1. I have a candy jar at home with a bowl of dark chocolate bites. I eat one of those at the end of lunch (and sometimes supper). It’s my signal to my brain and a physical awareness to myself that “Hey you, lunch is over. Stop thinking about more food and go play with your dog. You’re going to eat a snack later.” and that has done a lot of good. It’s enough chocolate to feed the craving. Or, I keep some Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt in the freezer for a REAL craving. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for saying that.


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