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The Morning After

hamstring sea stretch

hamstring sea stretch (Photo credit: lululemon athletica)

Day 17/365

Day 17/365 (Photo credit: SuperFantastic)

Alright…so before I talk about what I did this morning (i.e. did I do the stretches I said I will), I have to add some things from yesterday. First I did a calc through Google Maps and I did a total of 10 km walk in two hours.

I walked more than twice the usual because I had a slice of cake this Monday. So, to sort of get it out of my body I promised to walk a total of three hours yesterday. I didn’t. I walked a total of two hours. If someone told me to increase brisk walking time, well, that’s the only way it seems to happen for me – guilt over eating something that I know will just give me love handles.

Maybe I feel somewhat burned out by my life but I can’t take that two-week vacation like I used to. The last time I did was in 2006. I was in Cancun. In 1999 I was on a Cruise – the fun ship – for seven days. It was wonderful. I went to Cozumel went on horseback. I went to New Orleans near the French Quarters and one side was a slump and the other was 5th Avenue-ish. Then I went to Grand Caymen where I lay on the sand and to my right, about ten meters a large “spider?” crawled from under the sand. Of course I backed off a little but realizing it wasn’t headed my way I relaxed when it wasn’t in view anymore. Don’t recall what I did after that. Then I went to Germany the same year and met dad’s sister and her family and one of his relatives. It was sort of a vacation. I got to go to the mall, buy stuff, went to a theatre. But these days a real vacation for me is only a vacation when I go to what I call “the hotspots”: Acapulco, Cancun, etc. I hope to one day go to Hawaii.

Cancun was great. Got a sun blister on my right foot (not the sole). I couldn’t lie on the beach for even one hour.  I loved the food. Only healthy foods served in the all-inclusive three-star place I stayed in. I traveled on their bus, which doesn’t have a roof, to a cinema where I watched Eragon. Loved it! Talked to some people while I was there but nothing came of it. Didn’t expect it to. I guess they were there for the same reason as I was: for a vacation, to clear our minds, etc.

For now, that’s all I have to talk about. I’m not fully awake which figures why I didn’t do the stretches on and near the bed as soon as I woke up, but I remembered what I promised so when I went downstairs I found a place to balance myself while I did these stretches:

I felt especially muscular tension when stretching the hamstrings. The hamstrings didn’t feel nearly as tense as the glutes and incidentally that’s the area of my lower back where I’ve had injury since 2007.

I did go upstairs and do the soleus stretch – only the soleus stretch and nothing more:

A member helped me out in ways to feeling distracted. I am a dog lover. I had one (see my Gravatar). Her name was Cutie Pie and she really was. Once a person passing by called her by that name and she didn’t meet the dog before. Cutie Pie seemed surprised that this person knew her name. You know that head shake people do when they’re surprised at something? Cutie Pie did the same. I don’t have  the dog anymore. She would have been 15 years old this year. A neighbour had a dog – a border collie. He was nice. I used to take him near the lake in this place where he can play with the other dogs. But give him a job to do and he’s happy! For example, I ask him to bark once it’s 6PM and that time comes and he barked. What did I do? At first I wondered why he barked and then I remembered what I told him. LOL. His main job in the neighbourhood was to chase the raccoons away and he did. He even chased them on our garage roof. Border Collies herd sheep, so chasing the raccoons away isn`t a new skill for him and the neighbours I`m sure love dogs that do this kind of thing.

Maybe one day I`ll have a dog again. I`ll first need to set aside $50K just for the dog. Operations for dogs cost over here in the four digit range. Even if we had private insurance, it`s still costing a lot–almost as much as maintaining a car.

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