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About Stretching the Body on Various Surfaces


Stretching the muscles (Photo credit: Iguanasan)


A WordPress member asked me in an earlier post if this matters. It does actually. According to one source, anyways, it does. From “Stretching” by Bob Anderson, it states that it’s better to stretch on a firm but not hard surface such as a rug or firm mat when doing stretches for the back.

You ask what would happen if you did use a hard surface? If the surface is too hard, you won’t relax as easily.

That’s all the information I have on this. When I get more information, I’ll post.

I would also like to share some pointers on stretching the muscles–also from the same book:

About the Techniques of Stretching

  • hold a stretch in a comfortable position. The tension in the stretch should lessen as you hold the stretch.
  • breathe slowly and deeply and exhale as you bend forward. Don’t stretch to a point where you can’t breathe normally.
  • if the tension becomes greater as you stretch you are overdoing it. Go into a more comfortable stretching position.

Other Things You Might Like to Know

  • drink plenty of water. This will help my muscles stretch more easily when the body is properly hydrated. (joyfitnessandstyle suggested this to me in the previous post. Thanks! Now I understand 100% what you meant by it).
  • regularity is an important factor in stretching–you will naturally want to become more active and fit.
  • stretching keeps the body ready for movement.
  • stretch whenever you want. It will make you feel good. [doesn’t mention stretching wherever you want probably for a good reason. Don’t want to go into that in here! LOL.]

That’s all I want to share about this for now.

I said I was going to do core exercises today even though I have a strain in the lower back. It feels like my entire back is in pain, not just that one area! I took muscle relaxants and have been asleep on an off all afternoon. I think I’ll just go out for a while now. I’ll try to get in a few stretches.

It’s Sunday. Some down time is okay.

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