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Something is Not Right With My Body

Remember when I walked two hours this Tuesday? Well, I had no muscle pain on that day or the following days. However, I walked a total of 1.5 hours yesterday with a 30 minute break after a 45 minute brisk walk. My body started to feel tired, for sure, 15 minutes before the end of my workout. I guess that must have been the si

Stretch out your winter legs and dress them up...

Stretch out your winter legs and dress them up with Chirp and March Checkmate! (Photo credit: lululemon athletica)

gnal for me to do something to relax the muscles. I didn’t do anything to relax the muscles. I didn’t even take the muscle relaxant. I take the generic form of the drug and it’s just as good as the original.

Okay, so yesterday was my body’s way of telling me that 45 minute brisk walking in two parts with a break was still too much for my body to take–plus, I didn’t walk for three days. Something doesn’t add up for me here. I mean, I walked two hours Tuesday and I’ve had no pain even a few days later. The days that I didn’t walk, I stretched the muscles. Apparently, I didn’t do stretching exercise geared towards the lower back. Okay, now I will.

Got to do Internet research on the different types of stretches for that muscle group.

It feels like my entire back is stiff but I have pinpointed the areas that are tender. The bottom one in red is the 2007 injury and the top red area is something that has been there for a while now. Since the muscles groups are close together, I’m thinking the 2007 injury is now affecting my upper back. I think what I’ll do today is I’ll do core strengthening exercises. I’m going to skip walking–for now. I have at least 12 hours to make up my mind about exercising today.

When the weather is consistently warm, I will spend time near the lake. There I can walk, jog, cycle, or read a book.

I have no regrets walking 1.5 hours yesterday. Why not? Well, I did feel that the tummy shrunk a little. I know that it’s not possible (or is it?) that the belly can shrink so soon but when I sat on the chair, I barely felt my tummy. I sat in the same pose as I usually do when I’m sitting, too. That’s encouraging! Even though I may have, possibly have, lost water, it’s alright. I expect the first ten pounds that’s lost quickly is water from my body. However, I hear that we have to do at least 30 minutes of aerobics to start shedding away the body fat.

For someone with IBS, I know that the first 10 pounds is water and after that the body fat. Yahoo!

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  1. Other things to look at, your hydration, diet, adequate sleep and adequate recovery after your workouts. Just throwing it out there. Never regret the workouts – you just might have days that you aren’t quite up to par – we all do.

    • Thank you. I will look into what I’m doing in my diet, sleep patterns and hydration. I appreciate feedback.

      Have a nice day!


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