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Monthly Progress: April

Brisk walk, blackandwhite, droidography

Brisk walking (Photo credit: Nakeva)


  • April 1 to April 7: started April 2, April 2 to April 7 every day (6 days this week)
  • April 8 to April 14: five days this week
  • April 15 to April 21: three days this week
  • April 22 to April 29: two days this week

Total days walked since the start of the exercise routine: 16

Goal: original: walk every day then changed to every other day

Goal for April 30 to May 31: walk every other day (total days to walk: 16)

Diet: since I kept a record of what I was eating for the past week, I haven’t been grabbing that piece of cake. I went for Tim Horton’s donut bits. Not as many calories.

The last week of April was easier going with the diet. Brisk walking is still an activity that sometimes I find myself having to force myself to do. If I don’t force myself then there is no other way for me to expend the extra energy I have when I especially feel stressed out.

If I make 16 walks in May, I have achieved 100% of my fitness goals. Now, about the diet goals…I’m not the type of person who can stop eating sweets completely, and so I’ll try to consume sweets no more than twice a week. When I was fit, I had sweets no more than once a week. Maybe this will happen for me in June.

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  1. April was a great month for you – yay!

  2. Thank you!


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