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The Day After the “Binge”


I’m back here now after posting a reply to joyfitnessandstyle. I’m grateful that I received the reply from another WordPress member to her May 3 post because even though I have read her post the first time, not everything I read the first time sunk in my head as important. Usually when I read something, I retain what is important to me that moment in my life. Tomorrow I will learn something new from the same post that is important to me.


Now I’ll be researching the Internet on building lean muscle to increase my body’s metabolism rate. My metabolism rate is normal. I wish it was high. I wish I was born with the type of metabolism where I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want without packing fat on my body. In yesterday’s post, I included an image downloaded from the Google Images for abdominal fat. That isn’t me in the picture but the fat that’s on my body is close to what I have on me now. No more than that and for sure not less than that.


It’s feels awful to carry that much fat around! Bending for the stretches is difficult but this week it’s a little easier because I have less abdominal fat on me. But…


I’m still tempted to eat that slice of cake. So far this week I only had one but I want another one this morning. What’s stopping me from taking it? Yesterday I ate more than I did the previous days. It felt like I was binge eating. This morning I expected my feet to not fit into the Birkenstock sandals but they did. Water retention.


Did I have water yesterday? I did. A long glass of it. I’ll let you know later today when I have another. I’ll measure it with a measuring cup.


I like to feel that I have lost some weight and with possible water retention problems, I don’t want to eat the cake because if I did my feet would fit too tight into these sandals. So there is my motivation to not have a slice today.


I’m not at that point in the fitness and dieting where I say that I don’t need sweets. It’s still a struggle within myself to not take a bite. It’s about forming the right attitude, a positive attitude towards my goals of long-term health. My will to lose weight and be physically fit isn’t what will sustain these goals. And maybe, and I hate to admit this, I do have a problem with my relationship with food. People  eat food to consume nutrients vital to maintaining the body, not to fulfill a void or comfort me. Easy to say this and maybe one day soon when I develop other parts of myself: increase self-confidence and self-esteem I will not look to food and sweets as a temporary [solution/help]. It’s one of these two or something else. One thing is sure: my lifestyle up to now will determine how healthy I will be in the coming years.


Walking is still a great exercise to do especially for people who are naturally not physically active, but I’m hoping one day I will be the person who does a mix of walking and jogging, i.e. walking one day and jogging the next day.


The sun is up and it’s a little windy–today’s weather is as close as it can ever be to how it was on Thursday.



Scale (Photo credit: mag3737)


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  1. Look into your basal metabolic rate (bmr). Also, you are working out more, which is burning more calories – so, you will be hungrier.

    • Thank you. I will look into it. I guess I should have a visit with the general practitioner for this?

      • Well, if its been a while since you’ve gone in. They probably won’t do bmr, but blood pressure and cholesterol are important to know too.

        • I’m almost afraid to do the cholesterol test. I really don’t want to go on meds. Maybe by the time I see one, I will be slim and trim and cholesterol a non-issue.


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