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Stubborn Fat Challenge: No Sweets for Two Weeks!

That’s right! From the moment I woke up yesterday (May 13, 2012) and for every day this week until Saturday, May 26, 2012 I will not eat the following sugar-laden foods that I usually eat:

  • donut bits from Tim Horton’s (not even one!)
  • slice of cake
  • sweets offered by others

This is the first plan.

The reason for going cold turkey with this is that even though my waist is trimming a bit, my belly is still there! See yesterday’s post titled: “From Flabby Abs to Fab Abs”. The Before picture is me. I didn’t want to include my face because of embarrassment and I used the webcam to take the pic and don’t know how I could reach the computer from far away. Imagine how that looks: you see me and this thing sticking out of my left side. LOL.

Once I lose the weight that I want to and I’m looking slim and trim, I will post more than one After shot. That’s a promise. I would like to lose all the weight by the end of July.

I’m not in a hurry to have a beach body because, as with all women who are trim and slim (and we’re all beautiful to boot), heads will be turning. I was never comfortable with that kind of attention.

I’m losing weight so that I no longer feel like Jabba the Hut. Seriously, all that abdominal fat does make me feel that way. Also, the topics I’ve research over the Internet are making me think twice about the sugar in my diet.

If I’m unable to tame the belly, I might need a vibrating machine. Yeah that’s my fix! No it isn’t. I was joking about that. I’m going to do this the longer way.

When It’s Not Enough…

Plan B. During the week from May 20 to May 26,  I won’t eat sweets and I’ll only consume two servings from bread group

About lessening my intake from the bread group, I meant no more than two servings for the whole week. It could be two servings a day and that’s all I get for the week. If Plan B works then I know that I really do have IBS and that means there are certain foods that my body won’t digest properly.

On to Other Things…

Of course, I’m still walking. I walked 1.5 hours on Saturday but didn’t exercise yesterday–unless you want to count walking twenty minutes twice yesterday.

I’m stretching those muscles in the morning  especially.

I still haven’t resolved the mattress problem and that means I’m sleeping on the left or right edge of the bed. It’s really bad for my back; the impressions on the mattress are close to 1.5 inches.

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  1. Let’s do this!!! No doubt in my mind that you can achieve your goal and succeed!


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