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Got a Belly of Trouble

I am reading “The Truth About Belly Fat” (The Truth About Belly Fat) and  used a string to measure the belly area.

This website asks for two measurements, I did one: the waist (red arrow). Using a string and then measuring it against a ruler, I am 100 cm (40 inches!) According to this website, over 35 inches for a woman means that I may have unsafe levels of visceral fat on my body.

I could have, but didn’t, measure the hips. It was too depressing to continue.

What am I going to do now? Have a slice of cake? I so want one.

May 13, 2012

May 16, 2012: the day after eating the homemade “food”. Waist length: 40 inches.

You’re wondering what happened, right? Did I lie and eat junk food? I didn’t–not even one of Tim Horton’s donut bits. What did I eat yesterday that might have blown up my belly even further? It’s a homemade “food”. It’s made mixing water with white flour. I had three plates of it, but the thing is years ago, my body was able to get rid of it hours later. It’s not happening now and I’m thinking my body has changed and can’t handle this anymore.

Which, when I get used to eating fruits and veggies and nothing from the bread group, this won’t matter anymore. It matters now, though. I’m trying to take it off but the belly fat isn’t coming off. I hope my thighs haven’t enlarged since yesterday. The pants I’ve been wearing on both days, I can feel that yesterday I have accumulated a lot of fat–from what I had yesterday, it seems!

IBS is a condition that my family doctor said that I have and that I might have had it since I was a young girl.

So here I am, and for anyone else out there who may have IBS, doing this for me and hopefully showing others that they can do it too and what it takes.

What is my plan now? I’m still not going to eat sweets and as of today and the rest of this week and until Saturday May 26, I will not eat anything that is from the bread group: toast, bread and definitely not the food I made last night.

When I was slim and trim in 2000 (my Gravatar), I didn’t eat anything from the bread group. For one year I kept it up and was still slim! I guess I don’t need to eat anything from the bread group every day. For now I will have to stay away from it until I shed the fat. I think it can happen but it may take more time–considering how quickly my belly expanded yesterday.

I have IBS and now I see what some foods are doing to my body, I will have to stop consuming them. As of May 16 to May 26, 2012, I will not eat anything from the bread group and I still won’t reach for the sweets. That’s still hard not to do right now…the cravings are back!

I’m close to getting over my cold. Since the weekend I’ve been coughing up phlegm. The first couple of hours since I went to bed I coughed and spat out stuff. Zen Garden music (one hour long) calmed my nerves and the jogging/walking mix 20 minute exercise I did yesterday was still helpful in alleviating back of the head pain.

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  1. cooktocure

     /  May 17, 2012

    You can do this! Keep up the good work 🙂 Take a peek at some of my recipes, they are super healthy and what little fat is in them is good-for-you fat. I lost 28 lbs. just eating the diet I talk about… no dairy, no simple carbs, and nothing fried or sauteed in hot oil.


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