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Battle of the Bulge

Flabby Abs May 16 2012

Flabby Abs May 17 2012

Does the bulge look like it’s coming off a bit? I thought today was much worse than yesterday but comparing May 16 and May 17 it’s appears less.

When the abdomen looks like this it’s called abdominal distention and is a common symptom of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Some Things That Could Help Me (and Others Who Suffer From IBS):

  • avoid foods and drinks with caffeine in them (chocolate, chocolate cake, coffee);
  • avoid large meals – Okay I’m guilty of this, ¬†especially three plates of the homemade “food” (see post dated May 15, 2012 “Got a Belly of Trouble”; and
  • increase fiber in the diet. I used Metamucil for a while and it did help, but then I needed something more.

Yeah, okay, I have IBS…so why am I not consistently eating only the foods that work for my body? I’m an emotional eater and this is something I’m trying to work on and trying to stick to for the rest of my life as of Mother’s Day 2012.

Recall that I discussed the pain I had in the back of my head? (name of post: “Exercise Does Help Reduce Pain and Tension in Your Body”) The pain is so not there anymore! I did a mix of walking/jogging on that day and yesterday I did short bursts of brisk walking for a total of 40 minutes with stop overs between each burst. A few minute later I was home, turned the computer on and uploaded pictures and a video of me on this website in two separate posts dated May 16, 2012. I posted them to show that you can sweat when engaging in short bursts of physical fitness. Just proving to others who are reluctant to start a workout and thinking they won’t benefit. I did, especially yesterday and I didn’t care that I was showing my bulge to the world. That’s how good I felt yesterday.

In showing pictures and videos of me, I hope to show others that they can do it too! You can! It may take a little longer, and personally I don’t want to go too fast. Crash dieting isn’t healthful.

One last thing: since I ate the homemade “food” I haven’t been able to defecate (there’s a visual for you!). Yeah, regularity is a problem after eating this! Still, even though I know or think I know, it’s good to test things out.

List of Health Information Websites Discussing IBS:

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  1. Nice work and thanks for showing the pictures.

  2. Hi! Sorry, I wasn’t finished yet. I tried to place all three pictures in the same row and have the text below it.


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