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The Feeling of the Day: The Day After

I woke up and stretched the muscles, I even did sit ups in bed. Sometimes when I do sit-ups I notice that my spine is in  pain. I don’t know why I would feel pain unless it has something to do with the two dreams I experienced last night. In one I was eating junk food and in the other I saw a group of dancers murdered in blue water and about eight of them came back looking non-human. It wasn’t the first time in the past year that I dreamed of eating junk food and in this dream, thank goodness I didn’t actually eat the junk food! I was upset that I  had this dream. I felt it was hopeless to change this aspect of myself. There are days I don’t think about junk food and other days I do, but to dream about it is much worse…in my opinion! My dreams conceal what I really feel.

I wanted to eat junk food yesterday, but didn’t. I’ll hold on until May 26 and see if two weeks of not eating junk food and foods from the bread group will trim the belly fat.

Before the start of this blog, I was eating junk food four times a week! Two slices of cake and four Tim Horton’s donuts bits in two days! Of course, this much junk food my body couldn’t process and get rid of quickly enough, but my body is smart. It knew that because I was eating junk food regularly, it was part of my diet.

Since I was very little, maybe five years old, I ate junk food for comfort. I’m almost 42 now and this lifelong habit will take some time to change around.

Even if there is a part of me that has thoughts of “I just want to eat, eat and eat junk food!” I have to defeat it and in defeating it I kill those thoughts for a long time. When I slim down (before typing “when I slim down” I started the sentence of with, “If I slim down”…), I will most likely enjoy a lot of physical activity. Summer is near and that gives me three months to do outdoor fitness: cycling, walking, and jogging.

The theme of this blog is Fitness Through Walking, and walking was and still is the best cardiovascular activity. It’s especially an excellent start for people who haven’t been physically active for some time.

This blog is about my journey and to be honest I never had it in my mind to be a role model for others, but if there are people out there who are reading this blog and are in the same situation as I, I hope this is inspiring you! I wish you excellent health for as long as you live. You know as I, that it’s so hard to get off eating junk food, and I really don’t want to kill my heart and arteries with cholesterol and other things that I eat that’s killing my body. This, too, I hope is also encouraging others to do what’s best for their bodies–people who have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Basically, I should only be eating a diet of fibre and fruits and vegetables. Once I slim down, I will eat only two servings from the bread products per week and eat sweets once a week. I’ll do this over time and show you whether or not the belly fat will come back. It’s a good research topic for me and hopefully you think, too.

The start of this post is a picture of Homer eating donuts forever. I care about my health, a little (I am being honest here), and I’m trying to not eat junk food. I remember: replaces thoughts of junk food with something else. Applying this concept to junk food overeaters could work I guess and I bet it’s just as hard  for those people who have alcohol and drug addictions. I guess I am “addicted” to junk food. Addiction is on a physical and psychological level, but they’re all addictions.

Wow, I just thought of another tag to place this post under: addictions.

My plans for today: blogging, then going for tea and read a book, maybe write in my journal while I have tea, then take a trip to the local book store and browse through some books. I like reading novels from Karen Marie Moning, Johanna Lindsey, Jayne Anne Krentz, and Georgette Heyer.

In the afternoon I have some other reading and an assignment I would like to complete today. At 6 p.m. I’ll walk to the lake and chillax (chill/relax shortened). It does exist as a word and I looked it up just now at: Chillax: Urban Dictionary.

I don’t usually use “urban” words. I prefer to stay on the line of formal to a little informal.

That’s all I want to say for now. It’s 9:16 am and I still have to get ready to go for the tea. That’s right! I only have the underwear (top and bottom) on me now.

I do love watching The Simpsons. They’ve been running over 20 years now! When will they show the episode where Maggie was born. I like this episode the most because at work Homer has pictures of Maggie all around his office. Maggie did wonder why there were no pictures of her at home. She is the only one who calls Homer “daddy”, the other two call him Homer, which I find hilarious!

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