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Flabby Abs Continued: What is the Difference Between One Picture and the Next?

Flabby Abs May 20 2012 (uploaded in a previous post)

Flabby Abs May 22 2012

It appears to me that the upper part of the abdomen shrunk a bit and the funny thing is that today, my diet consisted of the following:

  • Breakfast: 2 oranges (the anti-inflammatories!) and one banana
  • Lunch: one slice of cake (I did say I was going to wait until Saturday, May 26
  • Dinner: one large bowl of romaine lettuce (with olive oil and vinegar only) and a bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese

What I’m going to say next may be too much information, but it’s relevant to what’s going on with my body when IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is affecting it:

The lower abdomen made a noise and I felt some movement. Intestines are muscular and therefore like other muscles it contracts and relaxes. When they contract, that’s a good thing because it means the intestines are passing “chyme” through its (how many metres length). Within five minutes I went to the washroom. Diarrhea.

Even though I don’t look like I’m thinning, I feel less heavy especially in the upper chest. My clothes (over and under clothes) were especially tight there for a while, but now it’s not tight there at all. Some progress. If the clothes, when they’re washed or new, are as tight as they were before then I know the fat is coming down, albeit slowly.

Maybe like you, I too don’t have patience. I want to be 40 pounds lighter now. If I’m the weight I think I am, 190 pounds, and I want to weigh 155 pounds, I need to lose 35 pounds.

I guess the first ten pounds off is a challenge because it’s not water that’ s coming off of me, but the visceral fat.

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  1. Are you vegetarian? No protein? Guess what? I had cookies today too (my sweet of choice)! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

    • Vegetarian by accident. I used to eat two servings of meat each day when I was in high school but once I started community college looking at meat or when someone mentions meat I got nauseous. Thanks..I don’t feel so bad now.about the sweets.

  2. It’s okay to have sweets once in awhile, but you have to increase your healthy calorie intake in order to get your metabolism up! Fruit is good, but high in sugar, which causes the bloat. Drink more water and add more protein (shake, egg whites, meat, beans, fish, etc.-whichever you prefer) and green vegetables to EVERY meal. Stay strong and don’t give up!

  3. Thank you! I will up the water intake. How much water should that be? Is it half a gallon (8 cups) or more? Thank you, again! Have a nice weekend wherever you are!


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