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D Outcomes

The day before the appointment with my dietitian, I looked over the columns the things I wrote, the food I had, the percentage of fat and the emotions I was going through before choosing the food.

I’m not surprised that most times I’m eating these foods because something is bothering me, but it didn’t occur to me that part of the reason is that I’m eating these foods because my elderly mother wouldn’t eat them otherwise. She does tell me that she’ll eat it if I will. Sometimes I’m able to get away with not eating them when I tell her that I already had some and recently I’m telling her that I shouldn’t be eating so much and that she’s always telling me I need to lose weight.

My mom, at the age of 82 with mid level dementia, doesn’t have an appetite, much, to eat food–usually dinner. So, she’s taking Ensure. She likes strawberry flavoured. Anyway, I’m the primary caregiver and I have to make sure she’s eating, not skipping meals. I’ve noticed that she does what I do: poses, words I use and she’s never used before. But she doesn’t copy me with food. Sometimes when I introduce new foods to her, I’m eating them in front of her and saying: “Mmmm! It tastes so good!”

Today is Day 1 after the dietitian appointment. I didn’t go on the scale…something about going on it every three weeks is best. I’m glad that she gave me the diet log sheets. I see that there were days that I’ve eaten more than three meals a day and the portion sizes were definitely not small. Today i stuck to eating three times a day. It’s 8:24 p.m. now and my stomach is growling.

The feeling will pass and maybe I’ll see some change(s) in a few days. I would settle for not feeling hungry and not having cravings.

She told me to up my fibre intake. She showed me that All-Bran Cereal Original has about 44% fibre in half a cup and that All-Bran Buds has 44% fibre in 1/3 cup. To add in next week’s food shopping list: All Bran Buds.

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