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D Worksheet Opens My Eyes and Solves My Problem

It doesn’t seem to be enough to keep me on the right track. I’m eating more than two servings from the bread and grain group per week. The dietitian may say, or she may not say, that I’m eating better now, but as I’ve looked over everything I ate since June 12, 2012, I’m now thinking that I have to plan the day before what I’m going to eat and write that down on a separate paper so that I’m not tempted to eat those things that are not helping me slim down.

Kraft Dinner (Mac N Cheese) has 20% salt and about 5% fat. What did I do with the rest of the Mac N Cheese? I had only two boxes left and threw them out. It had many other vitamins and especially folic acid that  I don’t get from other food.

Does anybody you know plan what they’ll eat tomorrow the day before? I have never! I decide last minute what I’ll eat.

Now, I not only have to keep on top of not eating so that mom eats, I have to keep on top of sugar, carbs, and now salt intake.

For lunch today, I had 1 cup Kraft Dinner and 1 cup Gnocchi and soon after eating the Gnocchi I’ve been getting funny sensations at the back of my  head…like something (nerves?) travelling from a point on the neck to the base of the back of the skull and then a sort of (but not quite) ringing in both ears. I’ve read that when people are under stress for a prolonged period of time, they get nervous sensations on any part of the body. I didn’t think this at the time. I was thinking maybe I’m (sort of) getting a sign that high blood pressure is developing in my body. So, what did I do? I cycled today for 69 minutes and 12 minutes of brisk walking! Usually with head pain, cycling helps–probably because the intensity is higher than brisk walking.


I’m still waiting to see the social worker on June 26 about my overeating problems. While I was looking over the foods and drinks I’ve had since June 12,  I can’t help wonder why I really have to have that cup of coffee in the morning. It seems I take it between breakfast and lunch but the thing that stuck out to me is that coffee seems to be a filler for time. It’s one hour and some may say it’s my time to have a break and reflect–and I do this, but still it’s the morning and even though Cafe Mocha has less calories (around 300 calories) than Tim Horton’s large coffee with 4 creams and 3 sugar (near 600 calories!).

It will be the thing I need…to speak to someone about my overeating problem. Until then, I’m trying to help myself understand why I eat and drink some of the things I do.

Anyway, I feel much better about eating Kraft Dinner and Gnocchi now that I have cycled for 69 minutes.

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