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Counting the Calories and the Fat on my Fave Food

Since I have been seeing the dietitian three weeks ago, I have been contacting the companies that make the sweets that I like to eat.

The bad news is that the slice of cake I have once a week, and previously twice a week, has 35% fat (54% Saturated and Trans Fat, 10g and 0.3 g respectively). Total calories per 100g serving size: 390! I’m not sure, but the slice of cake could be three times this serving size.

Some good news is that as I was writing on the D Sheet what I was going to eat 7 p.m. last night, I changed my mind and put instead bottled water. I still get days where I am getting that hungry feeling even though I’m not hungry.

Next week I begin the volunteer training. I hope it works out fine. My capacity will be as a Volunteer Admin.

Here is the Nutrition Information for that slice of cake I want so much:

Jamocha Almond Fudge Cake


I still like to eat sweets now and then and have found one that has less calories and fat. It’s around 700 calories (250g) and less than half the fat of one slice of this cake: Apple Strudel from Dimpflmeier’s. At least it has less fat!

I drank three bottles of 500 ml bottled water hoping that the now little bit swollen feet will lose the excess water. Did I forget to check out the sodium amount? Yes. I’ll check now, need a minute…1% sodium! Unbelievable! I thought there would be more because of the water retention I feel on my feet after eating it.


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