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Still Consuming More Fat Than the Daily Recommended?

If you would like to take a look at the D Sheet from the dates June 17, 2012 to Friday, June 22, 2012. Some of the foods have a percentage of fat and I think the daily recommended intake of fat is 20-25%.


Here is the bulge as of today:

Recall from the post Exercise Does Help Reduce Pain and Tension in Your Body. I still have head pain today and find that changing up the exercise routine lowers the pain significantly, but I still have to continue to do vigorous physical exercise for the pain to go away. It’s all about stress! The lack of regularity is about IBS and it looks like I still have to increase fibre in my diet. Sure, I should quit coffee since the caffeine makes IBS symptoms worse. So, why not quit it, right? It’s my one weakness (other than overeating which I’m going to talk to someone about it next week at the appointment).

I have a pile of stuff to do that will take me six hours to complete but I need to do physical exercise today as well. So, I’ll do the exercise first while tracking heart rate, calories and duration.

I may find that in 40 minutes I burn more calories during brisk walking at 3.5 METs h/w than cycling 4 METs h/w.

Reviewing the D Worksheet now has stopped me from putting more fat in my diet and from eating late. Maybe I need to give myself a little more time to say that I don’t need the sour cream and coffee.

Regularity is still an issue for me and after I did the aerobics workout for 24 minutes, some minutes later I have noticed constipation problems.  All Bran cereal is the highest in fibre and All Bran Buds has Psyllium which is excellent for regularity.

The longer the bulge remains this size, the more toxic substances remain in my body. That’s not good! Fat, in my POV, is toxic.

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  1. Have you been taking your circumference measurements at waist, hip, and chest too? You should and remeasure every 4 weeks. You are looking so much fitter! Nice job!!

    • I am looking fitter! I am shocked to hear that! I do feel that I am getting fitter: I can walk longer distances without the pain felt at the gastrocnemius muscles.

      I hope I don’t have diabetes! I had a dream last night of my cousin, who has Type 2 diabetes, explaining what it’s like to be choosy of foods because she has to watch sugar levels. I guess I am worried I might have diabetes and only because of one symptom: neuropathy.

      I didn’t want to discuss this part because when I’ve been living under stress for a long, long time, and I have, it’s not something I wanted to discuss yet. But thing is, I do have muscle spasms now and then in different parts of my body and there is this one spot at the back of my left shoulder that is painful and I think there is a nerve in that section that travels toward the hand. Only my left arm gets a tingly sensation. Scary, isn’t it? I don’t feel anything in the chest area. If I did, I’d call 911 as of yesterday. Okay, it’s now time to post the day’s physical activity and the results.

      I don’t know where to buy the measuring tape for the waste. Walmart

      • Scary is right! Hope u are feeling better. You can buy a measuring tape at any drug store – where they have sewing supplies.

        • Didn’t think to look there. I will. I bought the Polar heart rate monitor with the calorie count. Loving it! Excellent stuff! Thanks for the tip!

      • Comparing this video to your first one…you can see the changes!

        • Thanks. I’ll be going to the dietitian this Monday and on the scale. I hope to have lost some pounds of fat. I’ll take gaining five pounds in water for losing even two pounds of fat. I was probably dehydrated for a long time. Nowadays, I grab the water a lot–instead of junk food. That’s progress when it comes to what my brain craves. Thank goodness. I’ll be seeing a nurse next week. I’ll tell her about the muscle pains and the tingling. And hopefully the physiotherapist appointment will come within a month. It’s been a month already since I’ve signed up.

  2. Wow! Good job!!!!


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