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Next on My List For Fun and Fitness in the Sun

It has been two days since I have posted anything; I have been keeping fit and busy with appointments, meetings, and studying. I’m not going to school full- or part-time but taking a correspondence course to continue developing communication skills.

Tuesday I walked for 187 minutes (3 hours, 7 minutes) and burned off 1,476 calories! That’s amazing! I haven’t planned to walk that much every day and it’s not because of the problem of tiredness that I had when I started the program. I just feel that’s all I should do and it’s time to do something else.

I’m mindful of sitting for too long, maybe not every day but more than before stumbling upon these articles while researching the Internet for information on sitting for several hours each day and the inspiration for my post: Can You Believe What They Say About Sitting For Several Hours Per Day? (April 12, 2012).

Yesterday, I had wanted to exercise: cycle or walk but I was feeling sleepy all afternoon. I was worried about the meeting I had yesterday at 1:30 p.m. It was a meeting for an Admin volunteer position. In 2007, the last job I had, didn’t require me to have any customer service experience. Now that I need to look for another career, and according to my family doctor, it has to be a job that doesn’t tax my back. So, it appears the only job suitable for my back health is in the field of Administration. The challenge is in dealing with a variety of people.

Anyways, I have seen the social worker at 9 a.m. and the Registered Nurse at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. I’m finally going to talk about stuff that I haven’t been able to talk about since 2005 and also how to handle my problem with overeating and worry.

Today, for sure, I’ll be exercising. I just hope it doesn’t rain while I’m cycling! I’m thinking, though, I should walk along the Trail. It’s longer (and closer to reaching 10 METs h/w) and more calories are burned. Maybe I’ll cycling 1.5 hours along the Martin Goodman Trail–going first west and then east along the path.

It’s probably better for me to exercise outdoors at 6 p.m. and later. What do you think? I didn’t look it up yet, but could it be possible that, other than the monthly cycle, I have lost water because I was brisk walking three hours on a day when the sun was bright and the air humid? I didn’t carry water with me. I travel light. I drank water when I came home: 1.5 to 2 litres.

At the age of 42, it’s  easy to gain weight and maybe that also means it’s easy for me to lose water. I’m not out in the sun because I want to tan. I like the warmth, the breeze. I have never walked along the boardwalk during the evenings. I could try that today and leave home around 6 or 6:30 p.m.

I want to do something different this weekend, something fun. It has been a while since I had fun and I’m thinking Centreville Amusement Park (Toronto Islands) is the place to have a different experience and have some fun. The last time I went here was in 1991! Of course I won’t be going alone…I’ll have my camera. I’ll be sure to remind myself to video me on the ferry boat from the docks to the island. It cost $7 (CDN) to ride the ferry to the island.

What do I plan to do once I’m there?

If I have time, I will try a few “adult” rides.

It has been 21 years since I’ve visited this place. I’ll probably take many pics and vids of the greenery and beach area.

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