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The D That is Helping the Flabby Abs Become Fab Abs

You can see that I have had Café Mocha twice from June 26 to July 6. It was tempting at times to have more of it. We all need our caffeine fix and I’ve been having mine for over two decades. Hard habit to cut cold turkey but looks like I’m getting my will back.

I’m feeling generally pretty good. Can you tell that I’m finally winning the battle against the bulge? Flabby Abs and Fab Abs: July 4, 2012

My body is moving more sexier than pre-diet plan. Too much food and the wrong kind (junk food!) for sure doesn’t help my body. It doesn’t give me the nutrients my body needs to properly function and it doesn’t help in creating positive moods and feelings. Things are so great in my body now!

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  1. That is so inspiring – nice work! Changing food habits is still something I have a hard time with, but I keep at it too.

    • Especially when the habit is a life long habit and you’re trying to do things right and not fall back to the bad habits. I felt better about myself when I was fit and of course to stay that way I’d have to learn to cope with what is making me overeat esp. with junk food. Seeing the social worker this Tuesday. I’m going to talk about a relationship that ended in 2005. Never really had anyone to talk to about it but now I heard about this organization and the people are great. Maybe my life for the next 40 or so years will be much better.

  2. Yeah, it will be. I’ll never forget (I hope) the episode from Chris Powell’s weight loss series. I still have it, and I’m sure I would be violating a copyright if I played it on here. But I’ll just say what stuck to me. The client, Jacqui was around 350 pounds and was trying to have a baby. She lost, a lot of weight. You almost could recognize it was here. But her insecurities when she was pre-fit was still there even when she was fit. I guess…a person can change themselves physically and they may feel great about themselves but self-esteem takes more to build.


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