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Lose 4 Pounds in Two Weeks!

I did it and you can too. It’s easy once you track on paper or online what you are eating and your physical activity level From May 30 to June 25 (26 days) I lost 7.6 pounds and from June 25 to July 9 (14 days) I lost 4.4 pounds. Have a look at what I have been eating.

If you want to find out about my fitness level from this two-week period, click on these links:

All other posts related to my goals you can find them in the Goals category.

On the upside to my visit with the dietitian today (July 9, 2012 – even though the Body Composition Analyzer sheet says July 10, it should say July 9), I have gained back some of the water and muscle lost as of June 26, 2012. Part of it was because I was on the menstrual cycle. Also on the upside is an increase in fat-free mass of about 3 pounds and BMI of 29. Excellent so far!

If you’re new to my website, have a look at some of the places I had fun and did either brisk walking or cycling. You can have fun during the summer and lose weight and fat! Go to Categories Fun and Subcategory Parks.

Now, it’s a bit down the road, but…what kind of fun can I have outdoors during the winter? I’m not an expert in cross-country skiing although I have tried it once or twice. I also tried downhill skiing, didn’t like it at all! I found that I got a real workout doing cross-country. I guess I could still brisk walk along the boardwalk and towards Harbourfront Centre. Jeez, I haven’t walked all the way to Harbourfront Centre and took pics! That’s something I’ll do eventually this summer. One enjoyment at a time. I’m no hedonist!

Using the online calorie and fitness tracker MyFitnessPal helped to keep me in line with my goals as did having a heart rate monitor with a calorie counter for the workouts. I dropped hints to a friend on what I’d like to have for my birthday this year and it’s what I got, the heart rate monitor with calorie counter. Since then I’ve seen more results of the workouts when cycling and brisk walking.

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  1. 55usblog

     /  July 9, 2012

    I just discovered my fitness pal and just posted about it on my blog. Great one yes?

    • It is. I can add foods and many are added from previous users.

      • 55usblog

         /  July 10, 2012

        very cool to see what you eat and the calories and nutrients they contain.

        • Yeah…it keeps me focused on eating foods with very little fat and I’ll know if I have consumed too many calories or very little. So far, I went over 50 cals on some days and in other days, which is most days, I consumed less calories than my daily goal.

  2. richardmediauon

     /  July 10, 2012

    Wow it sounds like you’re doing really great, I’m also in the same boat but haven’t started keeping track of my food or weight loss, I just keep riding my bike every day and have gone down a trouser size in four weeks, but I’ll definitely check out myfitnesspal when I find I’m not getting any slimmer.

    • Good for you and congrats and dropping one size! Cycling does burn off more calories in 30 minutes than brisk walking does in the same amount of time.

  3. Well done! I like how you keep track of everyhting. I have also a food diary but only time and which drinks and food. I will add the emotion part that’s really a good idea. A question from curiosity. Why the location?

    • Do you mean when I’m referring to parks and the other places I have been to and walked and cycled? For me it gets boring to walk/cycle to the same place and it’s a motivator for me who isn’t naturally into physical fitness to do this. Just a motivator nothing else.

      • Actually I meant in your ‘dietary recall’ there is a table with ‘location’. How does it help?

        • I see. I didn’t ask the dietitian this question. I will when I see her, thanks. It can’t be because fast foods have higher cals than the foods you eat at home. You can buy the food at a fast food but eat it at home. Thank you.


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