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Exercise Blocks

What motivates me to do cardiovascular exercise? The “I have to/must”. I wasn’t diagnosed with a heart condition, I wasn’t told that I have high cholesterol levels.

I am 42 and aware that menopause isn’t that far away and in a procrastinated effort to doing things right this time and for good.

Well, I’m only human and learning. Even if it means relearning the same thing how many times until I get it. I did say I was seeing a social worker. The appointment was set for this past Tuesday and when I came there I was told she called in sick. Still waiting for her to call me. It’s been two days. Maybe she really is sick. Other people I know have been getting sick lately. If it’s not allergies it’s the cold.

I will say that walking and cycling have been less of a chore than something I want to do because I feel good afterwards when I have been going to Centre Island, Humber Bay Park or that place near Harbourfront Centre. I like to have fun, go places, so I think that this is how I can motivate myself to continue with the brisk walking and cycling.

When the winter comes I hope to have it figured out, i.e. places that’s fun to visit and hence motivating me to either brisk walk or cycle – or maybe another cardiovascular activity.

Anyway, so far this week I had been brisk walking on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I was cycling even though my entire body generally wasn’t into it. I didn’t have a wonderful day since I woke up this morning. I had breakfast but still needed more sleep. The past couple of days I had been drinking too much water before going to sleep and during the night I had been waking up maybe three to four times to relieve myself. It’s 10:40 p.m. here and I’m on my fourth bottle of water. That’s four litres of water today!

There are days I am forcing myself, a little, to get out there and exercise. I don’t want to be obese or overweight anymore and I know that April 2012 was the worst month because I was just starting to get back into cardiovascular exercise. But there was something else, too: my life at home with an elderly mother who has mid-stage dementia. She is demanding on me and I don’t have much energy to live my own life. But I’m turning this around. I can’t do much with what’s going on with mom. Got to let go of the guilt. Got to do more for me.

That’s it for now. Time to sleep!


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  1. I admire your commitment. Keep going!

  2. Why the question mark? You have many reasons why you don’t feel like exercising but even if it is a little bit at a time, you do it. That’s a victory in my book.

    • I see the question mark was changed to a smiley face, was it a typo earlier? Anyway, still high-fiving you 😉

      • Hi again! It wasn’t a typo…when using the emoticons in google e-mail it’s not the same shortcut keys as other social media.


        • I think it was a case of both of us replying at the same time that led to some confusion. At least the extra typing must have burnt a couple of calories. lol

    • It was suppose to be a smiley face that I added in google e-mail. It didn’t translate well and I deleted the response. You can see the smile now that I added.



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