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To keep at this pace of losing 4.4 pounds in two weeks, or 2.2 pounds per week, it would take me until the first week of January 2013 to be at the desired weight of 150 pounds.

I don’t get it. I mean, I am 42 years old and it’s said it’s harder to lose weight at this age. I guess no matter what I do to trim down quickly, the fat just doesn’t want to come off quickly. The dietitian did say that the amount I’m losing right now is fine.

But for those people who want results sooner, six months is too long to wait! And here comes the hindsight: don’t eat a lot of junk food no matter how I’m feeling. These words are the true words, thoughts, in my mind. I had originally typed “And here comes the hindsight:don’t eat foods higher than the daily recommended intake of sugar and fat. Why not? It will be stored as fat. And what if you overeat for several months, maybe one to two years, what then? The amount of visceral fat in your body increases. You will be at risk of diabetes and heart conditions.”

I’m hoping, praying, this is the last time I overeat! I can’t fit into yesterday’s clothes and I’m not buying new ones because I really want to fit into 150 Vesna. So, yes, some of my shorts ripped after the first wear. Next week I’ll be attending a wardrobe session and workshop related to employment. I will receive free clothes and makeover. I wanted to wait until I’m 150 pounds, but I do need clothes for the next six months.

God, if I have a child, I’m going to make sure that only healthy food is stocked at home. Obesity is one of the major issues in youth today, but when I was in elementary school in the 70s and high school in the 80s, there wasn’t support and rally for it. Of course, I hope to lead by example. Sometimes that can work and other times, children (who are people) make up their own minds about their diets (and other stuff).

I hope today’s parents have time to do family stuff with all their children that includes physical fitness at least one hour a day. It’s a challenge, I know, when both parents are working and there are other obligations.

When I’m at the Humber Bay Park or walking east towards Harbourfront Centre, I don’t see a family that’s exercising outdoors. A while ago I had seen one parent jogging while pushing the baby carriage. That’s something!

You know something…just before I am sending this for publishing, I have added the tags and one of them that I haven’t is aerobics. I wonder now how much aerobics will help me lose the fat. I recall the one time that I did the DVD aerobics exercise by Michelle, that I was sweating a lot for the 20 minutes that I did it but I didn’t burn off a lot of calories. It seems that aerobics exercise makes me sweat more than brisk walking, and that being the case why am I not burning more calories? To me, burning more calories means I’ll be losing fat sooner. What do you think?

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  1. Your article was very interesting. Everyones body reacts different , you need to find exercises that will work for yours, or a combnation of different exercises.

  2. Walking is great because it’s low impact. You can do interval training – speed up your walking for a couple minutes, then slow it down a couple minutes and repeat cycle. That will get you into a higher intensity without over doing it. Adding weight training into your workouts is key too for changing your body.

    • I think I like that idea of changing intensity for 2 minutes. I’ll try that when I’m walking tomorrow. I walked yesterday and having time to exercise today, I’ll be cycling instead.

      • ooo…sounds like fun!

        • The last two weeks I had been walking homewards from wherever I was that day. That makes a nice 1.5 hour walk but unfortunately smog, traffic congestion (cars) isn’t healthy for my lungs. I’ll wait until I come home tonight and I’ll walk from home to the place I usually end up in.


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