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I was so worried about the test on Monday that I didn’t cycle or brisk walk from Saturday to Monday–not that I have been doing any exercise on my Errands Day, still three days of no exercise did not help in managing the signs and symptoms of IBS: sticky (from sweat) feet. My feet are naturally dry but with the IBS condition the feet are sticky.

The first day back into the exercise routine on Tuesday, my body was sweaty and feeling tight. Feeling like I’m thin and fit. It’s a great feeling! I didn’t get to feel this way when I started exercising after the winter, but that was probably because of how much fat I had on my body and the fact that I walked only 45 minutes a day for, sometimes, 2 to 6 days a week.

I have been exercising since Tuesday and the first day back into it I felt as great as I did before when I exercised regularly which for me was 4 to 5 days a week, mostly 4.

I did the test and it wasn’t so bad. I worried over nothing. We all do that, I suppose, the day(s) before a test or exam. I have one more test to do and it’s for another history course. That’s about six weeks from now. I know that even though I set the test date for six weeks from now, I won’t be studying every day. If I did, I definitely wouldn’t have time for exercise or other fun stuff.

I definitely want to try to exercise at least 6 days a week, if not 7 days. I would like to lose the fat within two months. Six months, right now, is too long for me.


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