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It was official – I was going with less than 1/4 of myself out there. Didn’t do much:

  • volunteer
  • food shopping

That’s right, I didn’t do any exercise yesterday and being how I was yesterday, I didn’t know where it was coming from. I just got up and out of bed and did only what I needed to do that day. I didn’t want to quit doing at least some of the things I set out to do. I thought I needed a break from exercising. I did brisk walking from Sunday to Tuesday this week. Here are the stats:

  • Sun., July 22, 2012: brisk walked 117 minutes, burned 802 calories
  • Mon., July 23, 2012: brisk walked 135 minutes, burned 964 calories
  • Tue., July 24, 2012: brisk walked 136 minutes, burned 975 calories
  • Wed., July 25, 2012: break. Thought I needed a mental break but now I see it was a general body break I needed.

Ah the simple brain…at last. The To Do List on paper is found as sections of the brain. Too bad the brain isn’t like that. Decisions would be quick. I didn’t say they were good decisions! Whenever someone asks Homer a question, he’s got bees in his head or other thoughts…like beer, etc.

My only thought yesterday was “I need to relax”. Chillaxing outdoors would have been most helpful but I just wanted to stay in. I am a homebody, but now I’m trying to change that.

Last night I did a sugar intake calculation on MyFitnessPal. Yogurt has more sugar grams than my daily goal allowance. Breakfast food is the most challenging when it comes to choosing food and drinks with low sugar, but I found it and it’s very limiting! Apricots, clementines and apples. That’s it. I love to have fruit in the mornings so if there is a fruit that has less than 10g sugar, please tell me about it.

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