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Weekly Goals: Done and Over-the-Top (Sunday, July 22 to Saturday, July 28)

Another week gone by and I have surpassed the 10 METs h/w. In a previous post, I discussed two articles that wrote about how much exercise it takes to take the visceral fat down. See post: OMG I Didn’t Know That.

METs h/w This Week

  • 11.2 METs h/w (11 hours, 12 minutes).

Total Calories Burned This Week

  • 4,839. Weekly goal (changed as of the beginning of this week): 4,000. Exceeded goal by 121%!

Summary of Brisk Walking Stats

  • Sunday, July 22, 2012: 117 minutes, calories burned 802
  • Monday, July 23, 2012: 135 minutes, calories burned 964
  • Tuesday, July 24, 2012: 136 minutes, calories burned 975
  • Thursday, July 26, 2012: 135 minutes, calories burned 932
  • Saturday, July 28, 2012: 149 minutes, calories burned 1,166

No…five days of physical exercise was all I could do this week. Maybe another week very soon I’ll do six days a week. I thought about seven days, but I need to do others things as well – especially when I’ve got housecleaning to do!

Still…an excellent week. Exceeded two exercise goals.

The one thing left to work on from here on is keeping away from foods that are high in sugar – not added sugar but naturally occurring in many foods from the Food Guide.

So, the things I can eat for breakfast…now that I’ve done some more research are:

  • whole grain flax bread
  • apricots
  • skim milk (1 cup)
  • All-Bran Buds

That is just too bad! I love fruit but I guess now that I’m 42 years old, there is just so many things I have to take care not to have too much of: mainly fat and sugar.

Does anybody here have a simple breakfast that includes only vegetables? I can’t put my mind around eating sweet potatoes for breakfast!

Gosh… I hope that when I see the dietitian this Monday, I will find that I have lost six pounds. I’m hoping those four days didn’t set me back at all tland even though I’ve consumed around 400 calories this week, which is about 29% of the daily goal of 1400. It doesn’t feel like that I have lost much fat at the belly except that today the belt I place around me that I use to track heart rate and calories feels a little loose.

I’m still proud of my accomplishments this week.

Talk to you soon!

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