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Monday Fun Day at Centre Island

It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun and brisk walk. I:

  • burned 1109 calories
  • in 161 minutes (2 hours, 41 minutes)

A pretty good start to blasting fat and calories this week!

I couldn`t tell who was lined up for which ticket booth so I followed wherever the person in front of me was going. It was the fastest lineup compared to the others. My  line kept on going, I kept on moving forward – and this wasn`t the cash only lineup either. The people in front of me was a family with maybe three children. There were more adults than children in any lineup, but still…my line was the fastest in the turnover rate for ticket transactions. Wow! And I didn`t even know that my line was going to be quick. How lucky!

Then I got on the first ferry boat that arrived. I wasn`t sure that I`d be able to get in with so many people that were lined up to board it.

But I was!

The ride was about 10 minute one way and once I got there, I had the second half of the roast beef sandwich (6 inch size) from yesterday. Yummy!

When I first came to Centre Island at the end of June this year, I didn`t walk all over the Island. This time I veered to my left and right. Before, I was just walking to my left.

Walking to my right and some distance away, there was one beach that you can dress partially nude (this is TO, I was shocked!) and another where you had to be clothed.

No way I`m going to enter in a half-nude beach…in anywhere around this planet. Not even when I shed all the fat.

I`ll show off my body probably by wearing spandex. You`ll see my curves then. That`s as far as I`m willing to be “nude“ for the public or anybody.

Anyway, here are some pics from yesterday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was such a relaxing day that the pains around my head (not headaches) have subsided…and what helped, I think, was that I wasn`t wearing sunglasses during the peak hours of the day, when the UV rays are the highest.

Does absorbing some UV rays help with head pain and increasing serotonin? I know that being out in the sun does, but specifically is it the UV rays that’s helpful? That would be ironic if it was so (which I don’t know for sure and why I’m asking the question) because too much of it can kill you. 

I suppose radiation is treatment in small doses but too much of it is harmful.

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