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Two Reasons Why Exercising in the Rain is Perfect

It was raining in TO today. It was great for me. I didn’t mind (and I never mind) getting wet while walking briskly. The sweat just washes away. The rain is so perfect for this reason. Sometimes I mind being all sweaty while I’m exercising – especially when we’ve been having several days of humidity.

It’s also sort of like having a shower when you get home after the workout, minus the soap and towels.

Feeling clean while sweating off nearly a thousand calories is the perfect scenario to be in.

For some people, exercising in the rain uplifts the mood. It’s strange, I suppose, because it’s commonly known that when lying in the sun for a period of time will increase serotonin levels in the body. The sun does help me in this way, for sure, and especially when I’m not wearing sunglasses. The eyes are closest to the brain for transmitting hormones. i.e. serotonin.

I walked in the rain days ago (August 1) and again today and both times my  mood changed to one of happiness.

The only thing about exercising in the rain is whether or not the running shoes and Dr. Scholls insoles will dry up by then. Not an issue for me.

Daily Goals Achieved (Yesterday):

  • brisk walking 141 minutes
  • calories burned 929

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could have entitled this post as How to Burn 1000 Without the Sweat or How to Burn 1000 Calories and Still Be Clean, i.e. No Sweat

I’m so excited about the game tonight. The Jays haven’t played well recently but that doesn’t matter…I’m watching them play! I won’t have a chance to do any exercise today and that means I’ll have to work twice as hard tomorrow to make the numbers. It’s all about numbers but I think even with this in mind, it’s helping me to be motivated to lose inches of flabby abs.

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