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Flabby Abs and Fab Abs: August 13

Down 5 pounds since 13 days ago, though most of it was lost in water, not fat. There were days I drank  1 to 1.5 litres of water. I’ve been used to 3 litres. I didn’t have as many fruits and vegetables as in the previous weeks.

I don’t know why my diet changed last week, especially. I had a lot of fun. I guess if I’m in an out of the house but it’s related to fun and not errands, I will not drink as much water and I won’t eat as much carbs. It can’t be the start of a new habit for me. I love to eat!

The body prefers to get its energy from carbs. I’ve been increasing protein intake for the past two weeks. I guess that’s why I’ve had losses this week.

Still…lost weight and I will try again to keep in mind what I’m eating, i.e. ensure that I’m getting enough protein, fibre, carbs, and water in my diet. These are the things that have been the topic of discussion with the dietitian.

Fat in the diet is not an issue. I’m consuming the ones that are healthy, and still even though I’m consuming healthy fat, it’s at about 14g a day (like today). I bought frozen fillets. They have about 8% fat (more than I like) but about 25% protein which I like very much.

Comparing the Bulge

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The next time I see the dietitian will be September 24, 2012. I figure if I lose 2.2 pounds a week (minimum) I will lose 13.2 pounds (hopefully it’s all in fat loss), and I will be 167 pounds.

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