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Weekly Goals: Sunday, August 12 to Saturday, August 18

It has been some kind of week this week – 0.2 pounds away from the max weight for my age and height (180 pounds) and to be classified as overweight. Well, I’m going to pretend that the 0.2 pounds is a miscalculation somewhere. I feel light and slimmer than I have been since 2006 and there has been great and positive changes since I’ve restarted exercising at the beginning of April this year!

From the first week of April to August 13, I lost 25.4 pounds and now there is 30 pounds to go to weigh was I used to in 2000 (gravatar image).

I’ve said a while ago that if I don’t reach 150 pounds I’ll be okay with it – especially if that means having 120 pounds of muscle which now I’ve got 105.2 pounds of, and 60% total body water which now I’m at 43.8%. Now, I think I can reach this weight but I hope that I keep up with eating protein. For now, because I weigh 180 pounds, I have to consume 67g of protein daily. Tuna and Fillets help me reach about 80% of this goal. There is only so much I can eat a day and when I’m not having cravings 1200 calories a day is plenty. I am full.

I’ve lost water and muscle in the past two weeks, and it was the kind of week that I didn’t have an appetite to eat fruit, water, or protein foods. This week, though, I’ve tried to stay on top of increasing protein in the diet. It’s not hard to find foods high in protein and very little fat and cholesterol: tuna in water and Tilapia Fillets. Never had these fillets before but reading the nutritional value it was worth buying. I had it today. It wasn’t too bad considering I baked it in olive oil.

Review Weekly Goals

  • METs h/w: 10; actual 520 (86.7% of the goal)
  • Weekly Total Calories burned through exercise: 4,890; actual 3,309 (67.7% of the goal)

It’s okay. I’m not competing against the me from the past week. I had errands all day today and just wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening doing other fun stuff. Sometimes, and from time to time, exercise is still not a fun activity for me. I’m still doing it to lose the fat–especially the belly.

Maybe it’s true that with a reduced body mass (we usually refer this to losing weight), the less calories I’ll burn for the same length and intensity in brisk walking. For example, when I’m walking for a total of 140  minutes and burn around 900 calories and this week, same 140 minutes brisk walking and burning around 800 calories, the equipment isn’t malfunctioning and I’m walking the same pace (for sure – since it’s taking me the same amount of time to reach the place I’m always walking to).

I’m ending this week with reading one of my favourite novels: ” Burning Lamp”.


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