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Side Effects of Aerobics Exercise

Sore muscles and pain. It has been two days since I attempted Jillian Michael’s aerobics workout for the second time – and stopped at 25 minutes, not the full 45 minute workout.

Yesterday, these same muscles were tense and in pain. I thought it would be over by this morning, but that’s just not the case. I stretched the inner thigh muscles and was surprised to find that there was a lot of muscular tension there – more than I would expect since I don’t stretch the muscles daily.

No exercise yesterday and I’m not sure if doing aerobics today is a good idea. I haven’t used most of the muscles of my body in a long time – not even stretching them daily.

I cringe whenever I do a stretch for one area of my body and this is why it’s hard to start a stretch routine daily. I do know the benefits of it and especially having long-term stress, stretches could also help the muscles feel less tense.

It’s something I know I need to think about but the cringing – awareness of how tense the muscles are.

It takes something and some time to add positive habits. It takes something to do something about this situation I’m in. Honestly, the only thing I’m thinking now is about stretching exercises. I’ll give it another try. So far, no side effects with stretching – only benefits.

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  1. The more you do, the less sore you will become. Trust me – your muscles will adjust as time goes on. If you continue to put off aerobic training for long periods of time between each session, you will always experience some soreness afterwards.

    • Thank you. This Wednesday, one of the “exercises” I did was mopping the floor for 30 minutes. The outcome: back spasm. I’m still recovering. I’ll be seeing the physio in two weeks, thank goodness.

    • I hope that in the future, and after speaking to the physio, she will give me the green light to begin any physical activity–but it looks like so far my back is prone to injuries. Once she figures out why, then things will be so much better for me. Especially during the winter months.


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