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Weekly Goals: Sunday August 26 to Saturday September 1


Even though I exercised for two days, not the usual five, I’m still feeling pretty good after the workout.

I ‘m done with the two hours per day brisk walking. It’s too much and after a few months I’m still exhausted doing it. I’m listening to my body. As long as I’m feeling somewhere near ecstasy (a side effect of this type of aerobics workout – for me), then I’m doing enough.

Believe me, the type of days I’m having lately I would need a major change-up in the exercise routine. Doing less seems to be helping me the most now.

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  1. Reblogged this on gethiptothehipe and commented:
    I agree walking is great good for the heart. that like getting on the treadmill at the gym. getting that good’o cardio. there’s a flip side to the coin. people focus on the exercise, don’t get me wrong it’s a good thing. there’s a part that doctor’s well I’ll say some doctor’s , because that’s where we are going to end up at the doctor’s office. doctor’s do not tell or advise the patient of what go’s on inside the body. with all the different food’s that we eat. the process food’s dairy products white flour and white sugar. is killling us. oooh let’s not for get the soda’s ,coffee , cigarettes, alcohol, pork, and pork biproduct’s , beef, salt, starch, white rice , corn syrup, fatty food’s , fast food’s the list goe’s on and on. the reason I mention the doctor’s , most people listen and believe in their doctor’s . and if most doctot’s was in the medicine for the best of his patient. The first thing he or she would say is to stop consuming these kind of food’s . learn the clean the innner body with natural herb’s . your body is one hundred percent natural. scientifically the human body consist of the ninty nine elements of the periodic chart. which mean’s , what’s natural + what’s natural = what’s natural according to nature.we must learn to use natural herbs to cleanse the body. learn to eat healthy . Now I must warn you ! this do not apply to everyone some people has been eating all the wrong thing’s for so long that they don’t know to take a laxative. can you imagine the muck inside the body. exercise is great do both and doctor will be extinct.

  2. it makes sense to eat natural when the body is made up these elements. Many foods we eat today are packaged – except the raw fruits and veggies.


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