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Pay the Piper?

I had a visit with the dietitian today.

lost 8.2 pounds in 5 weeks – less than I expected: 2.2 pounds a week. It’s been 5 weeks since the last time I’ve seen my dietitian and by today it should have shown a loss of 11 pounds, not 8.2 pounds.

There are a couple of reasons for this – and not my diet. I’m on a very low diet.

  • August 12 to August 18, days exercised: 4, reached an average of 75% of the weekly target in calories and METs
  • August 19 to August 25, days exercised: 3, reaching about 75% of the weekly target in calories and METs
  • August 26 to September 1, days exercised: 2, reached weekly target of 29% and 47% in METs and calories, respectively

It’s clear to me that I haven’t been motivated to keep up the exercise routine. Some say I’ll have days when I’m not as productive. How about weeks, like 3 weeks? Maybe for some it’s not a good sign and if you’re competitive, you’d probably shoot yourself (or whatever) for not keeping up. And you’d say “I’m paying the piper for not keeping up!”

I’m competitive, but I understand that sometimes I just need to take a break and take care of my other needs.

However, I’m thinking that perhaps it’s time to change the weekly targets for METs h/w and calories burned.

Burn 800 calories brisk walking 2 hours 5 days a week? It looks like I’m back to walking to the waterfront once again folks! The waterfront during the fall could be an interesting experience. There isn’t another place near home where I can walk this long where I’m not walking through traffic congestion (not good for the lungs in the long run!)

This summer came and went quickly. I enjoyed taking pics of the harbourfront area and Humber Bay park.

Tomorrow I’ll post more on my visit to the dietitian – including a video or pic of those “flabby abs” of mine.

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