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Whatever Motivates…

Still getting the “maybe I will, maybe I won’t go today” and I’ve been at this routine for 5 months now. I don’t know why I think much about it when I’m home but once I’m walking, I don’t feel the same way. Head-y stuff.

I have one excellent reason to brisk walk at least 5 times a week: lower stress level.

I still enjoy walking along the waterfront even though it’s cooler tonight than it has been for some time. Summer is gone and I love the winter for the snowflakes, I don’t like that it may stop me from walking as much as I have been. I really don’t want to get blue fingers this year!

Not sure if the local recreation centre will have the kind of equipment I need to burn off 800 calories in 2 hours, but then using their equipment I’m limited to its use for up to 1 hour when someone else will need the machine that I’m at.

Doing Jillian Michaels aerobics tells me not to rely on this form of exercise to burn fat and reach 10 METs h/w.

I’m not a jogger not runner. For sure if I had developed either of these two by now, I could have tried them out. I’d be out less but burning as much calories as I am now.

And the great thing now about the walking is that I don’t feel as tired after the workout. That’s a good sign. I now wonder why I had been tired. Could be that the summer zapped a lot of water from my body – even though I drank about 2 to 3 litres a day and exercised after 7 p.m. when it’s not as humid out here.

Remember a few posts back I said that I haven’t been drinking water for 2-3 weeks or so? Well, when I saw the dietitian, I gain 2 pounds of body water! Could water be this helpful? i.e. the difference between feeling beat after a workout or feel energetic?

Even though I’ve taken several pictures of the waterfront, today is different. I was able to apply different effects to the same scene.

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