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Weekly Goals: Sunday October 14 to Saturday October 20


In a previous post I have discussed that in starting a new physical fitness exercise (i.e. jogging) my stress level lowered even more than with brisk walking. I hope that in using the gym (treadmill) and attending aerobics classes at the local recreation centre, I hope to especially achieve this.

Even through exercise, some stresses in life continue to keep my body stressed out all day, but I’m hoping that with a variety of physical fitness activity that some amount of stress will be reduced. The longer I’m stressed, it’s harder to concentrate and remember. It becomes difficult to do other things that I need to do to survive.

Some stresses you just can’t run away from – even though you need to run away from them NOW, not in two months from now, but now.

I have an appointment to see the dietitian tomorrow. I hope there is enough time to weigh me in. Earlier this week I used a regular weight scale and weighed in at 162 pounds. I didn’t change the online calorie counter on my website – the dietitian’s scale is the one I have been using to show results. Not saying that a home weight scale isn’t reliable, just that every time I post weight loss results, I have always uploaded the page from the dietitian’s office.

So, if tomorrow there is time to weigh me in, I’ll upload the results on my website. That would be so cool if tomorrow I weighed in at 158 pounds. Then I have until November 12 to lose 8 pounds.

2.2 pounds a week…from today until November 12 is about 4 weeks. I think I’m going to have to walk to the place I travel to when I’m cycling – which is close to the Harbourfront Centre by about 15 minute brisk walk.

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