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No Plans to Cancel on Myself

But I so needed to do that today. I haven’t been sleeping well for several weeks and especially the past two weeks, but I wanted to do the numbers, I didn’t want to fall behind.

It happened. I didn’t cancel today’s workout routine which was 1 hour of treadmill – burning 405 calories – and 42 minutes of brisk walking in 1°C weather with light snow shower, burning 207 calories. A total of 612 calories burned. Not bad considering I really wanted to nap for the rest of the night until waking up at dawn.

Sometimes pushing myself I see that I still have enough energy to do some of the things that I like and things that are good for me. If I ever feel icky about doing exercise, I blame it on the weather, but I’m trying to overcome this challenge. You would think I’d get used to living in cold weather. Not. Ever. Going. To. Happen!

I’m doing all of this, i.e. pushing myself to exercise, to burn excess energy and shake off the remaining last 9 pounds. It has been about 2 weeks since I”ve weighed myself in. Maybe I have lost another 4 pounds. I don’t have a scale at home.

I’ve been really good to myself. Making soup or heating chili now that the cooler weather is here is helping control my appetite for more food. This means quicker weight loss, if I do everything else right! I’ve got IBS and high-calorie meals are not helpful overall because of this condition. Still…sometimes I need to eat a little more, especially protein.

That was just the thing I needed to hear. Thanks Joy!

Snow Boarding in Fernie, Canada

Snow Boarding in Fernie, Canada (Photo credit: cb6379)

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