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Start the New Week: Blast Calories and Fat

It’s now 1°C at TO (1:21 pm EST), and it was possibly less than 1°C when I started brisk walking outdoors this morning around 8 a.m.

I used the heart rate transmitter with the calorie-counting watch. I was surprised when I looked at my watch and saw that my heart rate was higher than usual. I usually don’t even reach the minimum which is 116 BPM. The heart transmitter read my heart rate at over 200 BPM for the entire walk! I thought that was strange and I have also burned way more calories for the same distance – approximately 600 calories more!

People who run or jog or brisk walk during the cold months…are you out there? I want to know if cold weather helps me burn more calories for the same distance and amount of time.

I get it that blood pressure increases during the winter and knowing this, then, it looks like that’s the reason why my heart rate was higher and usual.]

Wow to the numbers. Still…I might want to use the treadmill for 1 hour each day this week – to relieve stress.

There was a reason I chose to brisk walk today even with the cold weather. I was looking over my diet since October 28 to November 3 and found that even in taking into account the calories I burned during the workout from 349 calories to 930 calories per workout, I have a total of 2,015 calories that are over requirements if just sedentary (and no exercise) and sedentary (and 10 hours per week exercise). So, I feel less guilty now that I have burned 1,555 calories today. I’m now not even close to gaining 1 pound this week because of my overeating.


With winter just around the corning and my body isn’t used to it yet – and goes for more food when its feeling cold – I’m boiling water and adding those bouillon cubes. I used one cube today (garlic and basil). My body is feeling so much better now. I hope this helps and I hope I don’t overeat ever again during the cold months of any year.

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