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Losing the Last 10 Pounds

Three weeks later I shed 3.2 pounds of body fat! In three weeks I would have lost 6.6 pounds and have reached a weight of 156!

Some explanation for this:

  • problems sleeping (I have been waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes one hour before my usual time

And for the past 1.5 weeks my body has been shivering and feeling so much stress over the cold weather and I didn’t think fast enough on what’s the best thing to do. Now I do! I’m making and eating soup more often these days and this is arm me for the upcoming below zero weather. It is November and December will come soon and I don’t feel like NOT losing any more weight.

I have 18 days to do something about it and I’m reading online articles to do with shedding the last 10 pounds. A Globe and Mail article I recently read stated two things that I think may apply to me:

  • I have hit a plateau
  • I am less focused on my goal

Well, I do admit that these are true for me. But how can I ramp up the exercise routine when I”m not a jogger or runner? I don’t have the speed! And as for the second point, I was thinking that I was going to lose 2.2 pounds but with the physical stress of this cold season and not arming myself against it (in time), then of course my body needed to eat more to keep warm.

Alright, I’m learning now! That’s the point, too! And not being perfect and exact on losing it every week unless I’m overeating again which I’m not. Well, not overeating with junk food, anyways!

So I fell down and now got to pick myself up again and learn.

Tomorrow I will post those flabby abs. I know I didn’t have one for when I was 162.6 pounds, but this will be close to it, so it’s okay!

18 days, that’s almost 3 weeks and 6 possible pounds to shed when I’m doing it right this time, i.e. no overeating.

9 pounds to my ideal weight. Still….I feel like I”m 150 pounds. Feeling great and fit, too.


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  1. You have done so great and have come so far. Your progress is amazing. So what if it slows down, you are almost there!

    • Thank you! I really needed these words. I was feeling kind of freaked out about not being at 150 pounds now.

      • That’s crazy, think about how far you have come this year and you keep going! You should be proud!!


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