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Cool Weather, Cooler Workouts

Starting up an exercise routine, and even a simple exercise routine such as brisk walking, after the winter has it’s challenges. Your muscles are weaker since you have stopped working out and you want to lose weight (hopefully the 55.6 pounds you lose is at least 90% from fat) and be fit but you’ve got zero motivation.

The first two months were slow with respect to achieving 10 METs h/w and burning off at least 800 each time I’m brisk walking. But now, I’ve been at it for 8 months and feeling so great and energized by it and look forward to either brisk walking or using the treadmill to do just the same to let go off excess energy. Sometimes I worry that when I do less than 10, I’m not getting enough benefits out of the workout and perhaps because it has been some time, I’m used to doing 10 hours a week and want to keep up.

Maybe I’m becoming like some of who exercise much and it’s naturally for you to do so. And I was a couch potato for most of my life!

My biggest challenge now is reaching both fitness goals during the cool (and sometimes freezing) weather. Months ago, I burned more calories in less time. Now it’s the reverse.

Brisk walking is such a cool workout for me. I burn off a lot of calories, I feel slimmer and energized hours later.

Tonight I was brisk walking in the outdoors. It wasn’t too bad, about 1°C. It was a little dark, but not too dark to see where I was going. Throughout the entire 1 hour 42 minutes I was content.

My body is stronger, my legs move, it seems, at road runner speed.

And the physical fitness experience is positive. I don’t want to go without it during the cooler months of any year.

So far this week, I have achieved 41% and 37% in METs h/w and calories burned. November 27, 2012

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