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Achieving This Week’s Goals

Results for this week: Dec 1 2012

Without proper rest, days drag, days are too long, waiting for the weekend when I can relax a little bit.

I have to wonder if by starting the exercise routine by jogging and minutes later brisk walking, if that will help my body feel warmer faster. It probably will and I’ll be burning calories faster, too.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been performing like a robot. Waking up 6 a.m., working 10 to 3, dinner at 5 pm, 1 hour to chill out, exercising a maximum of 1.5 hours but most days are about 1 hour, then getting ready for bed.

I hate it! I hate the weather and I hate having only 8 hours of daylight.

I am so not holding out on what I really think. To some it’s not PC (or whatever) to really say what you feel, but if I’m not speaking up then I’m really not saying anything at all.

I’m clocking out now. Got to do a gazillion other things for Sunday!

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